Nutrition Plan

I will give you a personalised plan which will include a macronutrient and calorie breakdown.Tips and advice on how to structure your eating around lifestyle and training.Practises that give you the understanding and confidence to manage this process without feeling overwhelmed. A few very tasty macro friendly recipes.

Body Transformations Pack 12 weeks

  • X3 PT sessions per week
  • X3 training Plans
  • X3 Nutritional Plans
  • X3 Mindset coaching plans
  • Weekly Check ins
It’s definitely more important to hit your macro nutrient targets as a whole. There’s enough to worry about with training / rest / steps and nutrition. If you’re nailing those then evidence suggests that you should eat within 90 minutes after your session. This is ideal to feed broken fibres and promote recovery.
This will depend on your training time. I generally train between 1-3pm and have a meal which is usually balanced (protein -¼ of my protein allocation, carbs and fats). This is ideal. However, if my session is early, I have either porridge or a protein-based smoothie.
  • Staying hydrated is crucial to curb your appetite and allows you to make better food choices and will improve your body function i.e. movement, inflammation ,sleep and digestion
  • Salt and sugar intake – high sugar and salt will dehydrate your body causing you to look and feel bloated. It will also give you sugar and salty cravings, making it harder to avoid snacking and stick to a routine. They play a massive part when it comes to weight gain.
  • Setting meal-times will help you to structure your day and will make you avoid rash eating due to hunger. I have a breakfast a little late in the day and have my dinner slightly later. This helps me to prevent snacking in the evening.
  • Be careful with snacking. It can be very hard to control and can equate to more calories than an actual set meal.

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