Zara Mc

Gary has been hands down the best trainer I have trained with; and I have trained with a lot. The best thing about Gary is the way he has built my strengths with me but also targeted my weaknesses, which has meant that, 3 months in, my strength is much more balanced through my body than it ever has been. No session is the same, every time we train he switches it up. He puts a lot of thought into every session which makes all the difference. I never looked forward to exercising before I met Gary; now I feel excited to go to the gym and work out. Gary has pushed me and boosted my confidence beyond belief, and this has meant I have been able to hit new personal bests every single week since starting with him. I have been lifting weights for almost 2 years now but the most changes I’ve seen have been in the last three months since starting with Gary. 
Not only have I seen a huge change in my confidence in myself and my mental health, but of course its been physical too. I never believed I’d be able to lift the amount of weight that I can now! The important part for me though, is that after a solid session with Gary in the gym, I feel confident to take on my day and any challenges that I may face in life seem easier to accomplish now! I have a lot to thanks Gary for 🙂 


Training experience: I started training with Gary because I had seen the kind of work, he was doing with others in the gym and was impressed with his adaptive approach to training. I wanted to lose weight, get fitter, stronger and build muscle. I have achieved a lot more than that. Gary is a fantastic PT balancing focus and training intensity with an awesome sense of humour to get the most out of you. His depth of knowledge and understanding of both the physiological, mental and nutritional side of training is outstanding. I’ve worked with a lot of PT’s in the past, but it is Gary I would recommend to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. 

Gary is a blend of sugar and spice and has always been a pleasure to train with. “Sugar” in terms of his kind/sweet personality and “spice” because he gets the “hot physique/results” the client is looking for in a “fun” way. He has a great technique of combining stretching and weight training which also prevents injuries and heals any injuries there maybe that can arise from everyday activities out of the gym. I’ve known Gary for many years and he’s been more of a friend than a trainer and has always been there for me. In the last couple of years “during lockdown” he has also started training other members of my family over zoom. They love training with him too and he’s become part of the family. Gary has great positive energy and the best hugs. Great to see him achieving more and more success in his line of work.
Marie Stewart

Before we starting training, I’d gained weight mainly due to a sudden, major change in daily routine from very active to a sedentary office job combined simultaneously with a deep, personal loss which I was trying to grieve. 
Within less than 6 months of training with you, my body composition completely changed – I lost 60lb (just over 27kg) and many inches off my whole body (8 inches from just my waist). You helped me do that without ever once mentioning my weight or making me feel uncomfortable about it (we have never spoken about that, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it). But you didn’t just help me lose weight I’d gained, you helped me build a stronger, fitter and healthier body than I’d ever had before. I also don’t worry about gaining unwanted weight in the future because you showed me how to use training for mental health and strength when life gets a little harder as well. 
You taught me how to balance macros in a way that was both best for my training but also good for sustainability – so I was able to maintain a healthy, steady weight with only minor fluctuations in weight and body fat for 2.5 years without ever really having to think too much about it. 
You helped me fall in love with training and, more importantly, with my own body in the process. You then coached me very successfully through recovery from 2 abdominal surgeries and a back injury. As well as having the years of experience and expertise to deal with those issues competently, you were always patient, considerate, encouraging and attentive. I have always felt very safe and supported with you. 
In 3 years, our sessions have never once been the same. They are always varied and fun, but more importantly it’s obvious you work hard outside of sessions thinking about what would suit me and my body best – our training is never generic, it’s always tailored specifically for me and what my needs are – whether that’s managing an injury or developing one of my weaker areas. You are super strict on form but I love that – it’s so important and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 
It’s been 3 years and I still want to train with you each week because I always feel like there is so much more to learn from you. But equally, I’m very content training alone because of all the knowledge and confidence you have given me. 
I think you are amazing Gary – I always have. I trust you completely and I’ll honestly be forever grateful that you came into my life x p.s. my mum’s a fan  


When I first met Gary in 2012, I had not trained for over 10 years. In that time there had been a litany of false starts and unfulfilled gym memberships. On one such occasion I entered LAX in South Kensington where Gary happened to be in the foyer. 
Gary is blessed with extraordinary likability, charm and charisma. His ability to communicate on many levels is exceptional. He is incredible fun and yet possesses phenomenal emotional intelligence and depth to his being. On that first meeting he was extremely encouraging and serious about what he could deliver and left me in no doubt I had found my route back into the gym. Before long we started our training program that has continued over nine years. His coaching is empathetic but constantly striving to achieve and push further incorporating his incredible knowledge of both anatomy and diet. With me his initial focus was boxing which built stamina and confidence, but I also found it enormous fun and stress reducing. Before long the highlight of my week would be our Friday sessions and I would structure everything around not missing them. 


I have been working with Gary since the end of 2017. Working out was never a part of my life before that point. I hated gyms tbh. 
My initial plan was to have 2 sessions a week for two months only in order to lose weight 
The 2 sessions a week became 3 and then 4 and ever since then I have been working out with him a minimum of 5-6 days a week, nonstop.  
He turned me into a fitness enthusiast, who loves and enjoys working out any time. Any day. Anywhere. 
Gary is top class. He is a well educated, experienced and a very knowledgeable trainer. 
While there are many good PTs and instructors out there, I truly believe his standards and quality of work are unmatched.   
Not only does he listen to his clients’ needs and creates tailored workout and nutrition programs for them, but on top of that, he has this unique ability to understand their struggles and triggers that impact their behaviours. He will use that to help them set a number of lifestyle changes that they can easily stick to. 
He will deliver a well designed, evolving and an in depth approach to your performance, progress and recovery that will keep pushing you to a far greater level. You will not want to stop. 
Another distinctive quality about Gary is that he continuously grows himself. His growth is reflected on the quality of work delivered to his clients, while also educating them about their bodies, nutrition and fitness. That is to me a real empowerment.  
He will share a lot of knowledge with you, leading by example and demonstrating every step of the way until your form is on point and you achieve your personal best.  
While he builds up your stamina, endurance and strength, you will develop a solid self awareness that you start detecting your own mistakes and correcting your form on your own… not to mention those of others as well!  
The sessions will be tough and hard work; real sweat, legs shaking and heart rates going through the roof. Yet still fun, enjoyable, exciting and filled with laughter and positive energy.  
With Gary, achieving significant and real tangible results is guaranteed. You will never plateau because he will not allow that to happen. 
It is definitely a life changing experience, one that grows as you move forward! 

I have been working out with Gary for over 8 years now. Our “relationship” lasted longer than my marriage and most of my professional roles, it witnessed heartache and happiness, failure and success, numerous challenges both physical and mental, roughly 7 kg’s added and subtracted few times over, global relocations (plural), overcoming an eating disorder and body image issues to turning 40 and being in the best shape of my life from all aspects. I would say we came full circle and pretty much a home run overall ;-)  

Safe to say that at this point not only our friendship survived the test of time but somewhere along the road Gary has became family.   

I will not dwell too much into his technical skills which are nothing short of impressive. His razor sharp executional discipline speaks volumes about his knowledge of the human physique.  

Gary is one of the kindest people I have ever met, his mannerism and discretion with his clients are simply put out of this world !  

He is passionate about empowering his clients to become better versions of themselves way beyond their fitness levels. He is able to do that while tuning in with their own rhythm and pushing their boundaries at the same time which is a great balancing act and the mark of a great coach – (seems more appropriate than PT)      

He is a magician in many ways – my functioning lower back is a testimony to that – but I will say he’ll echo one’s own commitment to bettering themselves. One still needs to show up, put in the work, the hours and have the self discipline but I couldn’t think of a better person to do it with because HE IS the best !